Success Stories

  • Abdul M.

    Abdul entered into Goodwill’s STEP program in February 2012. He worked with Goodwill’s employment specialists to overcome his barriers into the workforce, which included almost no prior work history, convictions, no transportation and no GED or diploma. During his time at Goodwill, he was able to earn his high school diploma, a home inspector certificate and a CDL B license. Abdul quit smoking and is now proud to be living a very healthy lifestyle. He has also had all previous charges expunged from his record.

    “I can now take care of my two daughters the way I always dreamed about and I am optimistic about my future. I enjoy my job at Fort Meade and I’ve made many friends there.”
  • Candice J.

    As a certified nurse’s assistant with an educational background in the medical field, Candice found herself being referred to Goodwill’s Welfare to Work program after a company she worked for closed and left her under the assistance of social services. She came to Goodwill with barriers that prevented her from reentering the workforce, including homelessness and childcare issues. After completing Job Readiness training, Candice worked with placement staff to improve her interviewing and communication skills. She was also able to update her resume and improve her knowledge of clerical/administrative procedures and software applications. Two months after enrolling with Goodwill, Candice was hired full time with a State agency.

    “I only had two things on my mind when I came to Goodwill—providing for my family by getting a good full time job with benefits and having things that I could call my own, like a house and a car. Goodwill helped me in so many ways and I am truly blessed for the assistance they provided me.”
  • Akintunde B.

    Facing long-term unemployment and a criminal background, Akintunde came to Goodwill with a strong determination to find work. He was diligent in his work approach and took advantage of every opportunity that was offered to him. Since engaging with Goodwill, Akintunde has become a certified home inspector and now holds Building Analyst and Building Envelope certifications. Akintunde has worked extensively in the Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas supervising projects, employees, contracts and independent construction tradesmen.

    “Rejection can be extremely discouraging and demoralizing, but I refused to let it stop me. I have become more motivated and determined after working with Goodwill and am thankful for the opportunities they have provided me.”
  • Gina V.

    Gina began services with Goodwill’s Latino Initiative while incarcerated at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women. After serving time in jail, she had a need for transitional housing, a cell phone, clothing, an ID and employment assistance. With the help of a case manager, Gina was able to overcome the barriers she would face upon her release. She started receiving job training and began employment with Goodwill through the Transitional Work Program. After her evaluations proved to be exceptional, she became a sales associate at a Goodwill store. Most recently, Gina was able to secure a driver’s license, obtain a vehicle, move into her own home and was even promoted to Assistant Manager at her store.

    “Goodwill helped me in so many different ways. I now feel like I can accomplish anything and I am very appreciative of everything Goodwill has done for me.”
  • Adrian W.

    After being incarcerated for several years, Adrian came to Goodwill to start fresh. After completing Job Readiness training, Adrian met with a placement specialist to work on mock interviews, one-on-one job coaching and job search techniques. He shared that he wanted to work for a company that would be willing to give him a second chance in life. In March 2013, Adrian was offered a retail position with Goodwill.

    “I am extremely grateful for my new job opportunity.”
  • Robert S.

    After being employed with one company for 12 years, Robert came to Goodwill looking for help in obtaining competitive employment in a field he felt he could excel in. With the continued support from his employment specialists, Robert was able to determine what field he was comfortable working in and would excel in. He currently holds a full time position with an employer of his choice.

    “With the support I received from Goodwill, I was able to find a job I enjoy. I am able to share my story and provide great service to my customers.”
  • Reginald M.

    While taking computer training classes at BCCC, Reginald reengaged with Goodwill to help him find gainful employment. Though he had barriers to overcome including finding his own housing and transportation, Reginald excelled through training and was offered full-time employment at a Goodwill store. He was able to move out of temporary housing and into his sister’s home and is looking forward to finding permanent housing of his own.

    “Before I came to Goodwill I was doubtful and reluctant. Now I am confident, determined and motivated.”